Monday, May 19, 2008

Spotting a Fake Coach Handbag

Many a times, you may feel that the coach handbag you are willing to purchase is a genuine one and no one will try to sell you a fake coach handbag. But there are people who want to earn by any means and will try all possible tricks.
If you have a plan to purchase a coach handbag, and want to know how to spot a fake handbag, you should first see the quality of the handbag very carefully. Although the coach handbags available in the market do not cost very high even then the differentiation between the genuine and fake coach handbags can be carried out. Here are some of the simple tips to identify the fake handbags.
You should carefully look for the quality of stitching especially inside the handbags and inside the pockets. The fake coach handbag manufacturer may not be able to get the desired stitching around the corner and especially inside the handbags and fake handbags can easily be identified. In addition to the stitching, you should also look for logo and you should see the logo at
The coach website updates the various products offered for sale as well as the specification of the products. You can also look for the complete logo also as it is very easy to identify the logo in a fake coach handbag. Sometimes the CC may actually be a CG, GC or GG and that can be easily said as a fake coach handbag. The latest classes of Coach handbags are provided with coach logo stamped on metal fixtures and by comparing it with the photo available at website can be identified for its fakeness.
Coach handbags are provided with a serial number usually on the front of inside pocket. The number is generally shown in a leather lining and is stamped inside and is usually is an alphanumeric combination. Some other fake coach handbags may also have serial number, but you have to see the location of the serial number and other aspects. With these some of the simple tips you could identify the fake coach handbags.